Just Write Something



"{Thing I want to do} is hard" - is my most common excuse for not doing things.

I have made more excuses for not creating or building in the last 12 months than I have in my entire life.

Some of these excuses include:

The cost of over-thinking

Thinking is great, liberating even - but it has to, at the very least, be outcome focused.
Walking random paths of thought may be no better than doing no thinking at all.

The cost of thinking is convincing myself that I am doing something that adds value. Which is often times, not the case.


3 of my top-level objectives for 2022 are:


It's April. 4 months deep. But there is no better time to start.

On what exactly? I am not entirely sure.

But currently I am:

And that seems like enough for now.

Tractable Outcomes for 2022

That is all.