Notion as a CMS


In my planning for April - one of my goals was to use Notion as a CMS for this blog.

I chose Notion because it is an integral part of my daily workflow, both for my personal work and day job. (I have a project in the works that will convert my daily notes from to Notion.)

Before doing anything, I'd like to write up 2 things:


This blog is built with 11ty.

Alternative 1: The current approach

The current "CMS" I use is the following:

Alternative 2: Strapi

A quick google search for "11ty CMS" returns
Strapi seems to be a headless CMS that you can couple with a number of integrations to get "out of the box" support for a fairly robust CMS.

Strapi is open source and has the option to self-host. This seems reasonable and probably a strong contender for a solution.
However, it does add a layer of complexity and lives outside my current tooling. It does also sound like too much for the use case I have.

Admittedly, this is where I stopped my alternative research.

Use Cases & Constraints

I have a few use cases and features that I want to support with this build:

Additionally, there are a few technical/nice-to-have requirements I want to have:

That is all for now!