Reflecting on July 2022


July didn't have a plan (by design) - and it worked out quite well.

The plan for July

I've been using Notion a bit more diligently to keep track of days that I work. (~24 work days in July) - this also gives me the added benefit of being able to make this retrospective a little more concrete.

List of work days in July


Begone, Takeout

I think I've finally 'hacked' eating at home. I haven't used Uber Eats for the last week and a half of July.

Hacking Flare Ups

I've started using some qualitative data to 'back trace' and track my historical HS flare-ups.

This might be useful going forward to understand what my triggers are and what pain management solutions work.

Optimizing Shopping Lists

I've started working on

Screenshot of WSIS #1
Screenshot of WSIS #1

This is a shopping list optimizer that helps you decide where to go to buy groceries based on:

It came out of a need to relentlessly optimize shopping lists due to the increased cost of living in South Africa (both food and petrol).

It currently indexes 3 South African retailers, and thousands of products.

I estimate I can save South Africans up to 15% per a shopping basket.


Writing has taken a back seat

I have slowed down on the writing front in the last two months.

Personal writing has slowed because it hasn't been giving me as much satisfaction as I had hoped.

However, to allay this, I have created a DRAFTS category on this blog.

This enables me to publish more often with less polish.

Freelance writing has all but stopped, I do not think the time <> cash exchange rate is worthwhile at this point in time, and I want to be building more cool shit.

Whats next

Check out my planning for August. This is going to be a good month.