Reflecting on April 2022


Reflecting on April.

I’ve opted to exclude “day job” planning and retrospectives out of the context of these posts. The reason being is that it doesn’t seem to add value to repeat the goals and OKRs here since they are tracked internally at work.


What went well:

I got a good amount of deep work done on an open-source codebase and published a Go package for the first time.

I also restarted an old project with a friend, and we seem to have a much clearer view of where we want to take the product.

I feel like my writing is becoming more focused, and by extension, more valuable to a reader.

What didn’t go well:

Once again, ambitions were set high at the start of April, causing me to fall short of all the goals I set.

None of the work done this month has generated any recurring revenue, which is okay - but does seem misaligned with the grandiose goal to monetize some of this effort. Freelance writing and my day job are explicitly excluded from my MRR calculation.

What's next?

This month (May) is going to be more focused and lean. With only 2 or 3 goals. You can read more here.

Things I did:

Things I didn’t do: